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Re-think Haizai

Shiny Disco Ball Draw

Shiny Disco Ball Draw

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Created in a Re-think Haizai workshop by a Workshop Participant.

Disco is LIFE! This attention seeking functional draw will bring joy to your everyday existence. Position it in direct sunlight to experience the full effect of a rainbow light show right in your home. It's truly a wonderful, wild addition to any space!Collection of trinkets not included.

Materials: Repurposed Draw, Repurposed Disco Ball


These pieces will be exhibited outdoors at Re-think Haizai: Art Walk for SusHiTech 2024. Pieces will be refinished with care before being shipped out. In the event the pieces are damaged and unsuitable for sale after the event, we will contact the buyer and provide a full refund.

Shipping: Buyer will be contacted about shipping at a later date. Will be shipped in mid-late June 2024. Shipping cost to be separately calculated. Pick-up options also available. Japan only.

Some of the proceeds will go to further promote and operate future hazai workshops.

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