What is Re-think 廃材?

Re-think 廃材 (haizai) is an art project giving Tokyo’s City Junk new life by transforming it into spectacular art and furniture. Currently being created by talented artists & makers, these unique pieces will be exhibited at this year's sustainability event - SusHi Tech 2024, hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Join us in learning more about local sustainability, our all ages workshops, and our 2.6km Art Walk!


    Join us for our all ages “Junk to Bench“ workshop or build your own "DIY Recipe"

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    See all the art and try all the furniture built by our talented artist & makers along this 2.6km art walk. The perfect way to enjoy the SusHi Tech event.

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    Keeping in line with our sustainability ethos, all art pieces and benches made for this event will be up for sale. Buy local and sustainable!

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Artists & Makers

Meet our talented artist & makers creating all the art and furniture for Re-think 廃材


Rethink 廃材 is made possible with the support of our community

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