What is Re-think 廃材?

Re-think 廃材 (haizai) is an innovative art initiative that transforms trash generated in Tokyo into art and furniture pieces. This artistic endeavor explores the creativity and potential of discarded materials through the eyes of artists and creators, aiming to inspire those who will shape our future.

This project began as an outdoor art exhibition at SusHi Tech 2024, held in May. It has since evolved into a long-term initiative. During the exhibition, works from 10 artists were displayed across the extensive 2.6 km Odaiba Promenade Park. Selected pieces from this showcase are now on display at Sushi Tech Square.

Trash as a source of inspiration

What if looking at discarded items from a fresh perspective could spark the next wave of creativity? In envisioning a sustainable future, let's project ourselves into the year 2050. In 26 years, most of the objects surrounding us today may have turned into waste and been replaced. Now, imagine again a future where trash is the origin of innovations that will foster a sustainable future; this could reveal an entirely new horizon.


Towards Sustainable Art

Re-think Haizai is a sustainability-focused art project that revitalizes trash with new life and value through the power of art. Our ultimate goal is to place these transformed pieces into the hands of new owners, continuing the cycle of sustainability and creativity. All items can be purchased in our online store.


Artists & Makers

Meet our talented artist & makers creating all the art and furniture for Re-think 廃材


Rethink 廃材 is made possible with the support of our community

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