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Re-think Haizai

Scrap is Beautiful - studioBOWL

Scrap is Beautiful - studioBOWL

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Scrap is Beautiful - studioBOWL

When studioBOWL was approached to create artwork for the Rethink Haizai artwalk using only scrap materials, they wanted to use scrap materials that are regularly left over from their existing projects and sublimate them into a new art installation using a method that can be continually reproduced in the future and for future projects.

Materials: Scrap Wood (plywood, squared timber), Reclaimed Wood Stain, Reclaimed Acrylic Paint, Reclaimed letters transferred in fragments from silkscreen plates, Recycled Basket Ring. Surface: Urethane paint. Back side: Urethane paint.

These pieces will be exhibited outdoors at Re-think Haizai: Art Walk for SusHiTech 2024. Pieces will be refinished with care before being shipped out. In the event the pieces are damaged and unsuitable for sale after the event, we will contact the buyer and provide a full refund.

Shipping: Buyer will be contacted about shipping at a later date. Will be shipped in mid-late June 2024. Shipping cost to be separately calculated. Pick-up options also available. Japan only.

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